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  • Ph.D. Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, 1976

  • B.A. Smith College, magna cum laude, 1964


Academic Publications

  • The Byzantine Use of the Title Pantocrator, Orientalia Christiana Periodica, XLIV, volume II 1978  

  • The Source for the Solidus Issued by Constantine VII in 945, The American Numismatic Society Museum Notes, 24, 1979  

  • The Changing Interpretation of the Dome Pantocrator, Actes du XVe congres international d’etudes byzantines, II, Athens, 1981


Selected Art Publications by Timken Publishers New York

  • 100 views Along the Road, Watercolors and text by Alfred Leslie, 1989

  • Letters from H.C. Westermann, edited by Bill Barrette, 1989

  • Eva Hesse Sculpture, Bill Barrette, 1989

  • Max Beckmann: Tradition as a Problem in Modern Art. Hans Belting, 1989

  • The Valley of the Kings: Horizon of Eternity, Erik Hornung, 1990

  • Egypt: Reflections on Continuity, Richard Pare, 1990• Christen Kobke, Sanford Schwartz, 1992

  • Idea into Image: Essays on Ancient Egyptian Thought, Erik Hornung, 1992

  • Responses to Rembrandt, Anthony Bailey, 1994

  • Caught in the Act: The Photographer in Contemporary Fiction, edited by Barry Munger, 1996


Selected Poetry Publications by Timken Publishers New York

  • Big City Primer: Reading New York at the End of the Twentieth Century,
    John Yau, photographs by Bill Barrette, 1991

  • Sleepers Wake, Caroline Knox, 1994

  • Berlin Diptychon, John Yau with photographs by Bill Barrette, 1995

  • Watusi Titanic, Connie Deanovic, 1996


Letterpress Books by Timken Editions New York

  • The Twelve Flies, printed on the 500th anniversary of
    The Book of St Albans, woodcuts by Susan Matthews, 1996

  • Hemingway’s Many Hearted Fox River, Nick Lyons with drawings by Mari Lyons, 1998

  • The Compleat Angler: part II, 1998

  • An Alphabet of Angling, 2000

  • Miracles from Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman, 2001


Paintings Selected Group Exhibitions

  • PDX Contemporary Art Portland, Oregon
    Two Painters, 2011
    Clouds Enclose Comets: The Envelope, 2011
    Range, 2013
    I Never Complained About the Past, 2014


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